How to retire on YOUR terms.


NillionaireRetirement is a set of tools making it possible for people who don’t have enough money to retire the way they hoped, to change their situation.  It does not advocate any specific type of retirement, and it is not about investment strategies or risky, radical ideas.  It helps people, step by step, to take charge of their unique retirement situation and transform it into what they want it to be.

The author of the process is a CPA and Certified Financial Planner® with nearly thirty years of experience working with individuals, families and small businesses. is one element of the larger toolbox.  There is also a book, workbooks, exercises, checklists, live workshops, and lists of other resources, which you may wish to utilize.  You decide what you need and when you want to start and finish.

 NillionaireRetirement process is based on contemporary techniques utilized by CPA’s and financial planners in working with their clients.  It incorporates the best of what other people around you are doing successfully every day.  Anyone can use the process to accomplish a better retirement. 

You may want to begin by looking around this site a bit, just to see what’s here.  If your retirement needs help, youNew Beginnings should take action today.