How to retire on YOUR terms.

Don’t go haphazardly into retirement

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Why think ahead about what you want to do in retirement — isn’t it obvious?  Not work!  Right?

Everybody needs a period of time after retiring to rest and decompress.  It’s important and necessary.  And maybe you will be one of those people who can be satisfied with endless liesure time for the rest of your life.  If so, that’s wonderful, and NillionaireRetirement will help you make that a reality.

But a great many people won’t be satisfied with that kind of life forever.  At some point, they’ll get their fill of endless spare time, and begin to need to feel a sense of purpose.  In fact, scientific studies have established that leisure-based retirement can cause significant declines in physical and mental health for many people.  Today we can expect to be retired for nearly one third of our whole life, and we’ll be healthy and capable for much of it.

People who blindly commit to an attempt to live a retirement of permanent liesure may find that it isn’t everything they had hoped.  And once a person goes down that path, it can be almost impossible to reverse course.

You owe it to yourself to put some thought into your retirement.  There are bound to be some things you really do want to do and accomplish whie you’re able.  Exactly what that might be is up to you.  It can be very helpful to have a good process to make that happen.


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